Praden is a corporate insurance broking and risk advisory firm established to provide the full suite of insurance broking and advisory services to organisations of all sizes, from large ASX-listed corporations to smaller, privately owned businesses, in a manner that is personal, practical and focused on year round engagement and assistance. We ensure that our clients secure the best outcome at each insurance renewal, however firmly believe that this represents just one aspect of an effective and valuable risk and insurance offering.

Our service model is built around the following three core philosophies:

1) The best advice is provided when risk is considered holistically

Our engagement with you is through one dedicated Principal Adviser. Our Principal Advisers are experienced, commercial and extremely knowledgeable. Armed with an intimate understanding of your business, your Principal Insurance Adviser is best placed to provide you with quality advice and insurance solutions across the entire spectrum of insurable risk.

Importantly, we also know when to bring experts in to complement our service offering. Our strong relationships with specialists across a broad range of risk-related disciplines, such as risk engineering and risk management consulting, mean that you can be confident that Praden will be able to assist your organisation with all of its insurance and risk needs.

2) The best outcomes are achieved through a transparent ‘open market’ approach

Transparent means:

  • We give you all of the information you need, including recommendations and the reasons behind those recommendations, so that you can make informed decisions
  • We keep you informed throughout the year - no nasty last minute surprises

Open Market means:

  • We do not have preferred insurer panels
  • You can be confident that the process of insurer selection is solely centred around what is best for you and your business
  • Through Praden and its UK partners you have access to insurance markets in Australia and the UK (including those in Lloyd’s of London)

3) Success in our world is helping you achieve your objectives - enabling you to take risks!

Our expertise and focus is on developing a deep understanding of your business and helping you design a risk transfer program that fits in with your strategic objectives.

It may be that your business is considering entry into a new market, tendering for a significant contract, expanding into new product lines or territories, or the acquisition of a new business or asset. Insurance can be an effective means of transferring the risk associated with these ventures away from your business, but there are a number of other avenues available to you.

We will help you determine the best course of action by considering internal risk controls, contractual obligations, options to reallocate risk across the various parties involved and of course, insurance!

Our Services range from ongoing ‘whole of account’ appointments to Project Specific Consultation. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you would like to arrange a time to discuss your needs.