We understand the unique risks and exposures that asbestos and hazardous materials consultants face and have extensive experience in the design, negotiation and arrangement of insurance solutions for your sector.

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We have listed below some of the more common insurance policies that should be considered by asbestos and hazardous materials consultants and contractors.


Covering you for your liability to third parties (including clients, suppliers and other contractors) for their financial loss arising out of an alleged failure by you in the provision of professional services or advice.

Potential claims could come from additional costs incurred by a client, including due to project delays, arising out of an alleged error in advice or in the carrying out of remediation and related works.


Specialist insurance designed to provide coverage in circumstances where standard pollution exclusions in most property and public liability insurance policies would ordinarily leave businesses uninsured.

Cover can:

  • attach to single or multiple nominated sites;
  • be made specific to a particular asset if contamination conditions have the potential to impact a proposed sale; or
  • be structured to cover the activities of a contractor where such activities have the potential to result in a pollution-related incident occurring.

Policies can cover clean-up costs, liability to third parties, civil fines and penalties and business interruption (loss of income and / or additional costs incurred).


Covering you for your liability to third parties (including clients and suppliers) for personal injury or property damage that arises during the course of your business activities.

It should be noted that most public & products liability insurance policies will exclude liability arising out of pollution or contamination (unless this results from a ‘sudden, accidental and unforseeable’ event) and any kind of asbestos exposure.


Specialist liability insurance designed to cover businesses engaged in the handling of asbestos, including asbestos and hazardous materials consultants, asbestos removalists and contractors involved in construction and / or demolition activities involving asbestos.


Covers directors, officers and managers of your company in respect of their potential personal liability for claims by third parties alleging wrongful acts in the management of your business.

This insurance will ordinarily extend to include coverage for the above insured individuals against claims made by employees in respect of employment-related matters, such as claims for harassment, bullying and wrongful dismissal.


Are you concerned about your IT systems being breached, or the impact to your business of someone gaining access to your or your clients’ confidential information? Are your business operations heavily reliant upon your IT systems, including job management and quoting software?

If the answer is YES to any of the above questions, it may be appropriate for you to consider cyber insurance for your business.


This insurance covers you for loss or damage to your property on a replacement / reinstatement basis.

Insurance can be purchased for fixed property (i.e. your furniture and office equipment, as well as any stock you have on hand, etc) and / or for portable equipment (such as sampling and monitoring equipment, etc) in respect of loss or damage whilst you are out at clients’ premises and on site.


If you would like more information on the above insurance policies, or if you have any other insurance or risk related queries please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.


Through Praden, all members of the AHCA can access the following benefits:

  • Insurance ‘Sounding Board’ - a complimentary service through which members can seek a second opinion on existing advice received in respect of specific issues directly related to their business insurance arrangements.
  • Insurance ‘Health Checks’ - a complimentary service through which members can obtain a desktop review of their existing insurances and insurable risks to determine whether there are any major uninsured ‘gaps’ or areas for improvement.

Other benefits and offerings may also be available to members from time to time.

If you are a member of the AHCA and would like more information on the services available to members please CONTACT US and type ‘AHCA membership’ under ‘How did you hear about Praden?’